Poznań Sport Expo 2019 - summary of the autumn edition


The last edition of Poznan Sport Expo − a project for racing sports enthusiasts and all those who like to actively spend their time, was held on 18-20 October in the halls of MTP Poznan Expo. The organisers invited whole families, because in addition to activities and meetings for adult athletes, there were a lot of attractions for children.

The exhibition was created by manufacturers and distributors of sportswear, footwear, food supplements, sports equipment or nutrients. You could see the latest collections for the autumn-winter season, and most importantly, purchase equipment to make running even more pleasurable.

Active life

The special guests of the autumn edition of Poznan Sport Expo were, among others, Marcin and Julita Dziekan, who on Saturday conducted training using own body weight, minibands and rollers.  The workouts were short, yet intense − an option for everyone, because the point was to show that even when you're busy, you can find some time for yourself, and as a result be in good shape and have a nice body.

There were also sports activities for children, for instance a race for children organised by the Poznan Sports and Recreation Centre (POSiR) held on Saturday on MTP Poznań Expo fairgrounds. And you could watch the full day training of the pupils from Poznan Center of Acrobatics in Hall No. 3.

It all starts in your mind

We are the most motivated by others to work on ourselves and to be physically active. Therefore, the Poznan Sport Expo fair abounded in unusual guests whose stories inspired and encouraged the visitors to do their utmost and to overcome their own weaknesses. There was, among others, Natalia Wodyńska-Stosik, the author of the blog promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through sport − particularly triathlon. Natalia had overcome a brain tumour and after a successful surgery started to go in for triathlon. She shares her sports experience, but also everyday life in the social media, but she is also close to her fans, every Sunday morning waking Gdańsk up for her run/walk training. The meeting with Natalia was full of positive energy for everyone who seeks for inspiration, without any excuses, and wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, but lacks the courage to make a change.

20. PKO Poznań Marathon

Traditionally, the culmination of the fair was the Poznan marathon. Nearly 7,000 people took part in its anniversary edition. For many of them it was a life challenge.